I have started this blog with the hope that it will act as a source of information for many of the LIC pensioners related happenings and news. As I have started this blog just now, many of the blog entries are just work in progress and therefore incomplete. For example, you may click a link for an attachment and find that it doesn't open. In such cases, please bear with me as I'm still working on it and if possible, leave a comment stating what didn't work and what did. I appreciate your feedback and your patience as I make this blog a complete one. Your comments will be very useful to me as I work to make the blog a good all in one informative source for you. 

As you will see, I intend to blog about various other general interesting topics such as temples, home remedies, etc. Please write to me with your suggestions on good topics. I will be happy to make this blog an informative experience for you. Thank you and keep visiting this blog as it will be regularly updated with interesting content for you. 

For now, however, it is still work in progress. And I welcome all your suggestions for improvement.
Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
T. R. Madhava Rao
T.R.Madhava Rao ,