Other Divisions -.02.09.2011

Varistha Vaani - Feb.2011 - April 2011.
1)Meerut Insurance Pensioners Welfare Association Meerut - meet on 26.02.2011.
New Office Bearers elected.
They honoured the members who attained the age of 75 years as on 28.2.2011.
2)Indore: Indore Pensioners Associations-yearly get together.
They honoured ,
10 members who crossed age 75 years.
6 pairs who crossed the Golden Jubilee of Marriage
Volunteers who gave services for the 7 th General Council of AIRIEF.
3)Aligarh - 5.12.2010 - General Body Meeting of Jeevan Bima Pensioners Sangh Aligarh.
Sr.D.M. inaugurated the conference.
Members who crossed the age of 71 years were honoured.
Election of New Office Bearers.

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